Monday, June 3, 2013

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Its been a while and that will make this a quick post..

I have been semi OK.. If you can get past this nagging pouring blood out of my mouth thing.. I have had bout 5 episodes of that, last one on 05/13/2013..according to the ER i lost about 5-7 pints of blood but.. Damn it.. I did not die.. And on top of that i have a bunch of new problems,

1. Dizziness
2. Massive headaches
3. Weakness
4. Mucus on parade

And more.. Lot of it shows up as i walk.. Deep throbbing pain.. Centered in my right ear.. Earaches hurt.

So after being in the hospital for a week i was moved o a recovery /hospice facility.. The nurses and staff are great! Could not ask for better.. Only main thing they say about me is i don't eat well.. I am down to 227..thats sad!

I have an issue that needs clarified..

I am a DNR.. so when i have these bleeds and live what happens next? I mean a couple i understand.. Clean my face.. Get up and rest.

But in the case of the last one.. 5-7 pints gone.. What do o you do? You can't leave me in a chair with that blood loss? And i am sure most of you can understand i am in no way, shape or from to make decisions..

So what happens?

Let me tell you what happened in my case..

The paramedics yelled at me asking what i wanted done.. Like i could answer.. 2 reasons..

1. Not fully conscious!
2. I had so much blood, mucous, clots and such i could not talk.

Finely the decision was made and i was hauled to St. Mary's Hospital where i was filled with tons of fluids and then shipped here to recover.. But come on.. Don't ak the guy who is trying to die on the kitchen floor..

I will type more when i get my laptop.


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